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Monday, April 14, 2014

Easter Egg Vase

I went to Target for M&Ms and dog food the other day and consequently came out with a whole cartful of Easter goodness. I've--I mean the Easter Bunny has--already gotten Travis's Easter basket together! Last year for Easter, Travis just got a bunch of new little newborn toys because he was only two months old. This year is much more exciting because he gets to participate and will enjoy his Easter basket more and he will get to have an Easter egg hunt! :)

Of course, as part of Travis's Easter basket, I got plastic eggs and plastic grass. There are a lot more in those bags than it seems like, so I was very thankful that I only ended up getting one bag of eggs and one bag of grass, because I had contemplated getting two.

My parents have a whole cabinet full of vases in their laundry room, so when I was brainstorming what I could do with the leftover eggs and grass, I decided that an Easter egg vase seemed like the perfect idea!

I just stuffed a bit of plastic grass into the bottom of the vase and arranged the plastic eggs in the vase the best that I could. Another layer of grass, then two eggs just chilling on the top. I'm very pleased! It's so festive!

That didn't even use up all of the eggs, so I'm also contemplating making an Easter egg garland. Because why the heck not?!


  1. Cuuute! I love Easter decor. Have you seen the paint chip egg garland?

  2. Very cute! I didn't put out all of my Easter decor this year. I knew Jack would just break it. I did put up a few things that were out of the way.


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