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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easter Traditions | Hiding the Easter Basket

I really love holidays. I've always loved an excuse for presents, candy, and special activities. But there's something that's even more exciting about it now that I get to play a role like the Easter Bunny and make holidays magical for someone else. I had a blast picking out treats for Travis's Easter basket and putting it together. He's too young for a basketful of candy, but there are still plenty of fun things that he can get:

+ Stuffed bunny
+ Bubbles
+ Sidewalk chalk
+ Coloring/activity book
+ Yogurt melts inside plastic eggs
+ Puffs
+ Chocolate bunny (the one sugary thing that he did get!)
+ The Story of Easter

My parents were never very religious and never told me the story behind Easter, but I want to raise Travis to understand why we celebrate.

Holiday traditions are fun to uphold every year. My family's plans for Easter so far are this:

+ I'm making pancakes in the morning,
+ We're having an Easter egg hunt,
+ We're packing a lunch,
+ Then we're hauling our butts off to the beach!
+ And on the way home, we're going to stop off at a barbecue joint for dinner.

And somewhere in there, Travis will get to hunt for his Easter basket! One fun activity that my parents did each Easter was to hide our Easter baskets. They were never very hard to find--just under a desk or a table or behind a big piece of furniture. But it added another exciting element to the whole thing! We always had the same Easter basket each year so my sister and I knew whose basket was whose. Obviously this year, I'm not going to really try to hide the basket. Travis still doesn't actually know that it's Easter this weekend and that the Easter Bunny is going to come bring him treats. But it's fun to start traditions.

What are some of your family's Easter traditions? Do you have Easter plans this year?


  1. We are also going to keep the same basket year after year (or until it breaks). I have it all put together and now we are just waiting on Easter.

  2. I do love the Easter basket idea! I was raised in a religious family, however we did not celebrate Easter or Christmas because my Mother didn't like the commercial side of it. As a Mum now, I do celebrate both days in style and I make a huge effort every year to make both a festive and fun occasion. I'm not religious but my son (he's 11) is. I do teach him about Jesus and the meaning of Easter. Our traditions are pancakes in the morning with some chocolate Easter eggs melted on top, I cook a big lunch then we might go for a swim or sloth at home and watch movies - depends on how much we ate at lunch! Happy Easter!


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