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Monday, April 21, 2014

What I Learned About Volunteering

How was your Easter weekend? Mine was incredible. Travis was too cute in his Easter outfit and he loved his Easter basket and playing with the eggs!

But on Saturday, when Travis was with his dad, I was able to volunteer a bit of my time at my church. My church has several services as it is, so I typically go to the 6:15 service on Saturday nights while Travis is with his dad so that he doesn't have to go to the nursery, but for Easter, they had even more services. Not only was there a 6:15 service on Saturday night, but there was also a 4:30 service. The two weekends before Easter, the church left volunteer cards on everyone's chairs asking for volunteers for Easter weekend. Since I didn't have any other plans on Saturday, I put down that I could volunteer for the 4:30 service then I could go to the 6:15 service with my family.

About a week later, they e-mailed me to let me know that I would be helping out with the preschool kids and helping with their service. The message was that Jesus is a great friend and the memory verse was, of course, John 3:16. They did a resurrection egg craft and sang worship songs and then at the end they played with Legos until their parents came to pick them up.

And if there's one thing I learned…it's that I'm really intimidated by 25 little 4-5 year olds.

No, I'm kidding. Sort of.

I've never really gotten a chance to do much volunteering, and I learned that volunteering my time to help others--even if it's a simple hour and a half to hang out with a bunch of kids--feels like valuable time spent.

I learned that kids pout and cry when their parents drop them off, but within two seconds are running around with all of the other kids.

I learned that kids have the biggest hearts. One five-year-old boy went up to another on the playground and said, "Do you want to play with me?" And so, they played together. Simple as that.

I learned that four-and five-year-olds are smart. I watched them during our craft time and during Lego time and it always amazes me all of the things that kids can do. Just like Travis amazes me with all of the things that he can do.

I learned that I can't wait to watch Travis grow to be that age. Spelling his own name, counting, doing things on his own. And most of all, being completely content to just sit still and play with Legos.

I learned not to assume things. There was only one little black boy in the group, so when parents started picking their kids up, I assumed that his parents would be black as well. A white woman ended up coming to pick him up. I'm not sure if he was adopted or if she was his stepmom, but it was still a good lesson not to assume things about people's families. It was really sweet.

I learned that it's not hard to teach kids about Jesus. And that they were enthusiastic to learn. They all knew about Jesus and enjoyed the Resurrection egg craft that we did.

I learned that it makes you feel good inside to give some of your time for a good cause.

I'm hoping that I'll be able to volunteer more often, and not just for my church. It's such a valuable thing to do with your time.

Do you volunteer often? Where do you volunteer your time?


  1. Kids, are so dang amazing! I love spending my time with them also. Very cool you were able to do some volunteering. It's on my heart to do a lot of that too, but I haven't done a whole lot of it yet.

  2. 25 4-5 year olds? Bless you, Chloe! I'm intimidated by that many children too, hah.

    We (Bobby, too!) volunteer every Sunday morning at a local Veteran's nursing home. We fix them coffee, grab them a pastry, and then wheel them to church. It's amazing talking to these men and women. It's like a living history book. It's seriously incredible.

  3. You are brave. I'm more intimidated by children the younger they are. So I'm good with like, 30 kids in the 8+ age group, but under that, I have no idea what to do. :D

  4. How fun!! I've done quite a bit of work with kids at different church programs, and I love it!

  5. I use to do lots of volunteering before I had Jack but now I just don't have the time. My big cause is Relay for Life. I help by donating to various projects that we do throughout the year. For example, this week we are doing a coin drive. Well I just thought about it. I am volunteering by being the treasurer of the PTO which does take up some of my nights and takes me away from my job to do duties during the day. I hope to be able to volunteer more so Jack will see how important I believe it is.


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